The follow pictures are from the 7th Annual SPAM Sculpture Contest. Many thanks to all of the participants.

7th Annual Spam Sculpture Contest

God Gave Us Spam, So We Give Him Art

How Great Art Is Born


Our Contestents Begin Their Work

Artists In Their Studio

Are They The Winners?

Could they be winners?

The Spammy Fresh Smell

Artist Facing Spam Block?

Channel 2 Captures A Few Contestants

Let's Turn This Stuff Upside Down

Spam-henge Takes Shape

Completed SPAM-henge

Fries And A Sandwich

Our Judges Confer

The Contestants Assemble

Have Another SPAM-tini?

A Final Shot of The Contestants

2nd Place Winner

The Official 7th Annual SPAM Sculpture Contest Winner!

The Winners Assemble For A Victory Lap

Congratulations To Our Winners

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